Open Studio
In today's fitness world, most people have a number of choices in the types of exercise that they use for physical fitness and enjoyment. If you choose Pilates exercise for fitness, you have numerous choices in Houston as to the style, price, types of teachers, as well as size and atmosphere of the studio. Pilates Concepts of Houston® offers a center point from the opposite extremes that exist within Houston-area, Pilates studios.

The open studio concept gives our clients a chance to learn Pilates exercise with close supervision as needed. As you progress and develop more body awareness, the exercises become more familiar. You then begin to make the exercises your own, and further understand how you can enhance your workout with the basic principles on which Pilates is based.

Our instructors have varied backgrounds with many years of teaching experience and college degrees in dance, movement, and related fields. All instructors are either certified through the Physicalmind Institute of New York, Peak Pilates of Colorado, and Body Control Pilates UK.

I feel that the open studio concept, which we use at Pilates Concepts of Houston, allows for the best price structure with professionally qualified instructors in addition to a large studio space with plenty of equipment.

Please feel free to come by and see for yourself.

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